The Hammered Ring is a sturdy, modern and cool alternative to the usual wedding ring.

A sterling silver band is hand finished with a ball peen hammer which gives it a pebble-like texture, and then polished to a classy shine. Each ring is one of a kind and made to order. Please email me your ring size after ordering.

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I am in love ith this jewelry! My ring gives me so much joy.

Zena M. October 23, 2015

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What makes Elke's jewelry so special? Everything, because they are beautiful designs, made with love and passion.

Fransje V. October 23, 2015

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Modern and elegant jewelry. Simply beautiful!

Milena W. October 23, 2015

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I love the natural elements you use in your work, this is priceless.

Stephanie B. October 23, 2015

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Beautiful, original, creative, simple, elegant...all the above!

Angela T. October 23, 2015

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Hammered Ring